Something Wicked This Way Comes

Purge Cannister is a Death Metal band . . .period. There are no love ballads, no Skynard covers, and NO 311 type shit. It's only the music, the words of evil, and those who are brave enough to listen to it.

The Vocals of Set Magus are unlike any other, with the exception of comparisons to Six Feet Under's Chris Barnes, his gutteral growls burn holes into the ears. Blending together with the screeching feedback of his brother's (Sevan Magus') guitar, and the deep bass that drowns you at the fingers of Mortakai, the music rings like death metal should-- loud and powerfully. Drumming is handled by Jerome The Goat, where changes of meter and tempo happen too often to follow at times. And the unique melodies that the Reverand Julius Sweetlove ejaculates from his keyboards give the sound the fullness it needs to stand above all other styles that generate in the radio-friendly world of the trendy.

Songs like "Hatred", "In God We Thrust", "Blood Red Moon", and favorite of those who would dare to listen, "Grandpa and the Monkey Gimp", push the band and it's message straight thorough to everyone. Even though the words are often misunderstood, the evil powers of the music and growls still sets many minds at unrest.

Purge Cannister still hopes to gain more listeners, and spread their word further across the country. For now, Pennsylvania and Ohio must suffer through the turmoil alone.

"I will have the time of my life, While I'm ending yours" --Set Magus, "When I Kill You"

Set Magus - Vocals and Growls

Sevan Magus - Guitars

Mortakai - Bass

Reverand Julius Sweetlove - Keyboards & Guitar

Jerome The Goat - Drums & Vocals

Upcoming Show Dates (If no dates are listed, just wait longer, fuckhead)

The Jambar (Youngstown, OH) - December 14th, on a Sabbath Day

Jerome The Goat
Girard, OH 44420
United States

Here's Julius' Page. He updates it once every 69 years.